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We set out to build the Best custom 3-wheeled drifting vehicles anyone can own at an affordable price. These are custom built with a range of options from 60MPH+++ to 60 miles in a single charge headlight tail light rainbow lighting even blinkers! Join the revolution today and lets us build your RAD custom PEV ( Personal Electric Vehicle )

What is an Electric Drift Trike, and why do you need one?

An Electric Drift Trike is a PEV (personal electric vehicle) A way to get around the neighborhood or run a quick errand. With Things like Electric scooters and bikes becoming very popular why not something different? Onewheel, Electric Unicycle, heck even a Segway is different you say. And yes, they are, and they are a ton of fun as well with a big drawback on the balance if you don’t have it can be very hard to relearn it and safely ride one of these types of PVE.

While yes, an Electric Drift Trike is probably not the safest PVE you could get it sure is a lot of fun. For safety D3D Electric Drift trikes come with larger brakes 203mm rotor and an Avid BB7 caliper to keep you stopping strong while on your ride we do strongly advise the use of a helmet and any other safety gear/padding you feel comfortable with Close-toed shoes are a must! For the electric side of it, we match the Battery output to Motor Controller and Motor capabilities so no over-amping or overdrawing of the battery will help maintain battery life.

For the models yes, we use Triad pedal drift trike frames we have found them to fit our needs and they have adjustable seating, so it’s not built just for one rider. The Motor Control Combination has been specked out for D3D for this application. The 72V monster is our best seller with speeds around 45 mph and 9 different power modes to keep you comfortably riding at your speed while the 60V is not far behind at 38mph the 48V and 52V are around 25-30mph

The products on this page are still mostly custom-built one at a time per order and have a 3-4 week build time we are trying to keep some limited stock prebuilt so contact us if you want something sooner so we can check our stock and demo units.